Information about the pilgrims way of Saint Francis of Assisi

Information on the St Francis' Way

Some things you should know before leaving

Road sign on the St Francis' way. Yellow-blue trail sign for the pilgrims

Road signs along the St Francis' Way

The road signs on the Francis' Way are complete and safe throughout the entire route and great efforts were made to accompany travellers on their journey. 
On the Tuscan leg of the journey, you need to rely upon the red-white CAI trail signs and in the yellow Tau. In Umbria, the yellow-blue trail signs and the yellow Tau appear, placed carefully in both directions along the trail, and the little stakes with signs the same colour. In Lazio, the situation is the same as that in Umbria.
Thanks to agreements between the regions involved, the idea is to achieve complete integration of both horizontal and vertical road signs...
Walking with your dog along the Way of Francis. Via di Francesco pilgrimage to Assisi, Umbria, Italy

Walking with your dog

The special affection that the Saint of Assisi had for animals encourages many people to walk in the company of their dogs. 
Taking such a long itinerary with your dog requires some small preliminary steps to ensure that you and your furry friend will have a "good walk". 
A great deal of useful advice can be found on the web and we are bringing you the suggestions written in collaboration with the “Amico Peloso” Association in Perugia, which has been engaged in safeguarding the well-being of animals for years.
Before setting off: make sure that your dog has had all the necessary vaccinations...
How to get to La Verna, Tuscany, where begins the pilgrimage of St Francis' Way

How to get to La Verna

When you reach Chiusi della Verna (if you leave the car in the village, remember to inform the municipal police) we advise you to go up to the sanctuary via the strada della Beccia, which is below the rock of the Stigmata and until a few decades ago was the only way into the Sanctuary. 
After a steep but short climb you will get to la Cappella degli Uccelli (chapel of the birds)(1.95 km), built in 1602 in memory of the joyous welcome given by a multitude of birds the first time St Francis reached the mountain of La Verna. 
A few steps, also uphill, and going through the southern portal...

There are different forms of hospitality available to those who are walking

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