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m Hike and meditation on the camino of st Francis from la Verna to Assisi

Northern Way - Stage 1

from La Verna to Pieve Santo Stefano

From: La Verna
To: Pieve Santo Stefano
Distance: 14,9 Km
Difficulty: medium
Tags: WalkingAll the directionsNorthern WayMediumLa VernaPieve Santo StefanoLa VernaPieve Santo Stefano

m northen way camino stages pilgrimage of St Francis

Northern Way - Stage 2

from Pieve Santo Stefano to Sansepolcro

From: Pieve Santo Stefano
To: Sansepolcro
Distance: 35,17 Km
Difficulty: very challenging
Tags: WalkingAll the directionsNorthern WayChallengingPieve Santo StefanoSansepolcroPieve Santo StefanoSansepolcro

m trekking pilgrims the st francis way

Northern Way - Stage 3

from Sansepolcro to Citerna

From: Sansepolcro
To: Citerna
Distance: 12,17 Km
Difficulty: easy
Tags: WalkingAll the directionsNorthern WayEasyCiternaSansepolcroCiternaSansepolcro

m via francigena di san francesco spiritual pilgrimage franciscan site

Northern Way - Stage 4

from Citerna to Città di Castello

From: Citerna
To: Città di Castello
Distance: 19,9 Km
Difficulty: medium
Tags: WalkingAll the directionsNorthern WayMediumCiternaCittà di CastelloCiternaCittà di Castello

m franciscan itineraries walking trails the route of st francis assisi pilgrimage

Northern Way - Stage 5

from Città di Castello to Pietralunga

From: Città di Castello
To: Pietralunga
Distance: 29,535 Km
Difficulty: challenging
Tags: WalkingAll the directionsNorthern WayChallengingCittà di CastelloPietralungaCittà di CastelloPietralunga

m Spiritual journey in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi pilgrimage walk

Northern Way - Stage 6

from Pietralunga to Gubbio

From: Pietralunga
To: Gubbio
Distance: 26,145 Km
Difficulty: medium
Tags: WalkingAll the directionsNorthern WayMediumGubbioPietralungaGubbioPietralunga

m pilgrims walking along the way of st francis assisi stages of the journey

Northern Way - Stage 7

from Gubbio to Valfabbrica

From: Gubbio
To: Valfabbrica
Distance: 38 Km
Difficulty: challenging
Tags: WalkingAll the directionsNorthern WayChallengingGubbioValfabbricaGubbioValfabbrica

m franciscan sites pilgrimage in the footstep of saint francis of assisi

Northern Way - Stage 8 

from Valfabbrica to Assisi

From: Valfabbrica
To: Assisi
Distance: 13,46 Km
Difficulty: easy
Tags: WalkingAll the directionsNorthern WayEasyAssisiValfabbricaAssisiValfabbrica

m pilgrims walk together on path to san Francesco of Assisi

Northern Way - Alternative route through Perugia - Stage 8A

from Valfabbrica to Perugia

Form: Valfabbrica
To: Perugia
Distance: 29,2 Km
Difficulty: challenging
Tags: WalkingAll the directionsNorthern WayChallengingPerugiaValfabbricaPerugiaValfabbrica

m walking on the way of Francis pilgrims spiritual experience

Northern Way - Alternative route through Perugia - Stage 8B

from Perugia to Assisi

From: Perugia
To: Assisi
Distance: 25,37 Km
Difficulty: medium
Tags: WalkingAll the directionsNorthern WayMediumAssisiPerugiaAssisiPerugia

There are different forms of hospitality available to those who are walking

  • cammino di francesco unione europea
  • cammino di francesco repubblica italiana
  • cammino di francesco regione umbria
  • la via di francesco cammini europa



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