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m pilgrims in prayer on track of francesco

Southern Way - Stage 1 

from Roma to Monte Sacro

From: Roma 
To: Monte Sacro
Distance: 15,21 Km
Difficulty: easy
Tags: Monte SacroRomaWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayMonte SacroRomaMonte SacroRoma

m pilgrims on track of Francesco pilgrimage

Southern Way - Stage 2 

from Monte Sacro to Monterotondo

From: Monte Sacro 
To: Monterotondo
Distance: 18,05 Km
Difficulty: easy
Tags: Monte SacroMonterotondoWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayEasyMonte SacroMonterotondoMonte SacroMonterotondo

m southern way from monterotondo to ponticelli di scandriglia

Southern Way - Stage 3 

from Monterotondo to Ponticelli di Scandriglia

From: Monterotondo 
To: Ponticelli di Scandriglia
Distance: 28,885 Km
Difficulty: medium
Tags: MonterotondoPonticelli di ScandrigliaWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayMediumMonterotondoPonticelli di ScandrigliaMonterotondoPonticelli di Scandriglia

m the path of south deviation for Farfa

Southern Way - Alternative route through Farfa - Stage 3A

Alternative route through Farfa

From: Acquaviva di Nerola
To: Ponticelli di Scandriglia
Distance: 26,265 Km
Difficulty: challenging
Tags: FarfaWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayEasyFarfaFarfa

m In path track of francesco pilgrimage

Southern Way - Stage 4 

from Ponticelli to Scandriglia a Poggio San Lorenzo

From: Ponticelli di Scandriglia
To: Poggio San Lorenzo
Distance: 20,41 Km
Difficulty: challenging
Tags: Poggio San LorenzoPonticelli di ScandrigliaWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayChallengingPoggio San LorenzoPonticelli di ScandrigliaPoggio San LorenzoPonticelli di Scandriglia

m the path of south poggio san lorenzo rieti

Southern Way - Stage 5 

from Poggio San Lorenzo to Rieti

From: Poggio San Lorenzo
To: Rieti
Distance: 21,815 Km
Difficulty: medium
Tags: Poggio San LorenzoRietiWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayMediumPoggio San LorenzoRietiPoggio San LorenzoRieti

m the path of south from rieti to poggio bustone

Southern Way - Stage 6 

from Rieti to Poggio Bustone

From: Rieti
To: Poggio Bustone
Distance: 17,794 Km
Difficulty: medium
Tags: Poggio BustoneRietiWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayMediumPoggio BustoneRietiPoggio BustoneRieti

m travel on foot on the way of francesco of assisi to greccio

Southern Way - Alternative route through Terni - Stage 6A

from Rieti to Greccio

From: Rieti
To: Greccio
Distance: 23,45 Km
Difficulty: medium
Tags: GreccioRietiWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayMediumGreccioRietiGreccioRieti

m the path of south variant for terni

Southern Way - Alternative route through Terni - Stage 6B

from Greccio to Terni

From: Greccio
To: Terni
Distance: 21,925 Km
Difficulty: easy
Tags: GreccioTerniWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayChallengingGreccioTerniGreccioTerni

m the path of south variant for Terni

Southern Way - Alternative route through Terni - Stage 6C

from Terni to Arrone

From: Terni
To: Arrone
Distance: 15,7 Km
Difficulty: Easy
Tags: ArroneTerniWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayArroneTerniArroneTerni

m the path of south from poggio bustone to piediluco

Southern Way - Stage 7 

from Poggio Bustone to Piediluco

From: Poggio Bustone
To: Piediluco
Distance: 22,041 Km
Difficulty: challenging
Tags: PiedilucoPoggio BustoneWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayChallengingPiedilucoPoggio BustonePiedilucoPoggio Bustone

m the path of south from piediluco to arrone

Southern Way - Stage 8 

from Piediluco to Arrone

From: Piediluco
To: Arrone
Distance: 12,987 Km
Difficulty: easy
Tags: ArronePiedilucoWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayEasyArronePiedilucoArronePiediluco

m the path of south from arrone to ceselli

Southern Way - Stage 9 

from Arrone to Ceselli

From: Arrone
To: Ceselli
Distance: 14,635 Km
Difficulty: easy
Tags: ArroneCeselliWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayEasyArroneCeselliArroneCeselli

m bosco di san francesco pilgrimage st francis way

Southern Way - Stage 10 

from Ceselli to Spoleto

From: Ceselli
To: Spoleto
Distance: 16,240 Km
Difficulty: challenging
Tags: CeselliSpoletoWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayChallengingCeselliSpoletoCeselliSpoleto

m the path of south from spoleto to poreta

Southern Way - Stage 11 

from Spoleto to Poreta

From: Spoleto
To: Poreta
Distance: 15,55 Km
Difficulty: medium
Tags: PoretaSpoletoWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayMediumPoretaSpoletoPoretaSpoleto

m the path of south from poreta to trevi

Southern Way - Stage 12 

from Poreta to Trevi

From: Poreta
To: Trevi
Distance: 12,075 Km
Difficulty: medium
Tags: PoretaTreviWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayMediumPoretaTreviPoretaTrevi

m the path of south from trevi to foligno

Southern Way - Stage 13 

from Trevi to Foligno

From: Trevi
To: Foligno
Distance: 12,448 Km
Difficulty: easy
Tags: FolignoTreviWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayEasyFolignoTreviFolignoTrevi

m the track of francesco pilgrimage meditation travel on foot

Southern Way - Stage 14 

from Foligno to Assisi

From: Foligno
To: Assisi
Distance: 19,345 Km
Difficulty: easy
Tags: AssisiFolignoWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayEasyAssisiFolignoAssisiFoligno

m the path of south from foligno to assisi hiking

Southern Way - Stage 14 (hiking)

from Foligno to Assisi

From: Foligno
To: Assisi
Distance: 22,25 Km
Difficulty: challenging
Tags: AssisiFolignoWalkingAll the directionsSouthern WayChallengingAssisiFolignoAssisiFoligno

There are different forms of hospitality available to those who are walking

  • cammino di francesco unione europea
  • cammino di francesco repubblica italiana
  • cammino di francesco regione umbria
  • la via di francesco cammini europa



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