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Via di Francesco - St Francis' Way - Southern Way from Roma to Assisi

Stage 12 - from Poreta to Trevi

From Poreta to Trevi, amidst ancient hermitages and olive trees, you will reach one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The St Francis' route continues on across the hills, overlooking the valley of Spoleto, through olive groves protected by dry stone walls. This leg of the journey is 12 km long, but the presence of numerous uphill and downhill stretches can slow your pace.
12,075 Km
Increase in altitude
+ 620
Loss of altitude
- 550
gravel road-tarmac
Road Sign
yes (vertical and horizontal yellow-blue signs)
Travel time
4 hours
Water sources
Resting areas
Degree of difficulty
You walk along dirt roads surrounded by the landscape of olive trees, with a few stretches on secondary roads. Along the way, you come across the village of Campello Alto with its distinctive walls. Here, the convent of the Barnabite Order stands, devoted to meditation and silence. You continue uphill along a little stony road that climbs steeply through the olive trees as far as the Franciscan Hermitage, Eremo delle Allodole, where a Franciscan community lives, according to the principles of their founder, sister Maria. Beyond the gate, there is a small wood and the hermitage and a cave, where St Francis passed, according to legend (you are kindly invited to respect the hours in which silence and prayer are observed).
The route continues on with several uphill and downhill stretches, until you see the village of Bovara in the distance, with the Church of San Pietro, where the vision of Fra' Pacifico took place. You continue on uphill until you reach Trevi, perched on a hill. Before you reach the village, it is worth stopping to see the church of Madonna delle Lacrime. The ancient village deserves a visit, particularly the Museum Complex of St Francis, in which you will find the Museum of the Civilisation of the Olive, the Archaeological Museum, the church with a splendid sixteenth century organ and the Art Gallery, where you can admire a touching Madonna with Child by Pinturicchio.
What you should know before departure
There are water fountains in Poreta, Lenano, Camponi, Trevi. Remember to fill your water bottle with at least 1.5 litres of water in the summer.
Intermediate legs 
There are resting areas where you can stop and take a regenerative break or find accommodation and shorten this leg of the journey.
The landscape between the countryside and the town of Trevi is one of the best preserved in Umbria. Sitting alongside the dry stone walls or beneath an olive tree is a pleasure not to be missed. Stopping off at the Eremo delle Allodole is a must (you are kindly invited to respect the opening hours). The museum of olive oil and the olive in Trevi offers interesting insights for gaining a better knowledge of the history of the places. A walk through the valleys of Trevi allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of Umbria's little villages. We recommend that you have the maps of the trail with you. Simplified maps can be downloaded by clicking on the online map. Remember to always have a small supply of food with you (fruit, dried fruit, chocolate, energy bars, something energy-giving in general).
Information (e.g. how to get there using public transport)
IAT (Tourist Information) Office of Foligno
Address: Corso Cavour 126 - 06034 Foligno
Phone: 0742 354459 - 0742 354165 - Fax 0742 340545
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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From Poreta to Trevi

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