The St Francis' Way

A journey, an adventure, a trek, a pilgrimage, a life experience?

What is the St Francis' Way

A route to reach Assisi following in the footsteps of St Francis, whether leaving from the North (La Verna) or the South (Rome).
It is an itinerary on foot, by bicycle and on horseback that links together several "places" that bear witness to the life and preaching of the Saint of Assisi; a “new” pilgrimage route, which intends to reintroduce the Franciscan experience in the lands that the Poor Man walked through on his travels.
In its adherence to the story of St Francis, the Way is plausible and charming: the landscapes...
Northern Way pilgrimage of St Francis of Assisi Umbria Italy

Northern Way

La Verna - Assisi
10 stages
Southern Way pilgrimage of St Francis of Assisi Umbria Italy

Southern Way

Roma - Assisi
19 stages
Roman Way pilgrimage of St Francis of Assisi Umbria Italy

Roman Way

La Verna - Assisi - Roma
29 stages
The Walk of the Franciscan Protomartyrs pilgrimage of St Francis of Assisi Umbria Italy

Walk of the Protomartyrs

Terni - Cesi
6 stages

How you want to travel along the St Francis' Way?

Walking stages pilgrimage of St Francis of Assisi Umbria Italy
Cycling stages pilgrimage of St Francis of Assisi Umbria Italy

Credential and Testimonium Viae Francisci

Like all the most important pilgrimage routes, an official specific Credential also exists for the St Francis' Way as well as an official certificate at the end of the journey. 
The Credential is issued to those who intend to go on a pilgrimage on foot, by bicycle or on horseback and who commit to accepting its meaning and spirit.  The pilgrim's Credential should be requested at least 3 weeks before departure to allow time for it to be sent by post.
The delivery service is free of charge and is provided by the Franciscan families of Assisi. However, a donation to cover the delivery costs is greatly appreciated.  

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There are different forms of hospitality available to those who are walking

  • cammino di francesco unione europea
  • cammino di francesco repubblica italiana
  • cammino di francesco regione umbria
  • la via di francesco cammini europa



In these days, before leaving, it is necessary to consult the restrictions of the Italian Government and the Regions.
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