Road signs along the St Francis' Way to Assisi are easy to follow

Road signs along the St Francis' Way

The signs are easy to follow. Abandon yourself to your journey

The road signs on the Francis' Way are complete and safe throughout the entire route and great efforts were made to accompany travellers on their journey. 
On the Tuscan leg of the journey, you need to rely upon the red-white CAI trail signs and in the yellow Tau.
In Umbria, the yellow-blue trail signs and the yellow Tau appear, placed carefully in both directions along the trail, and the little stakes with signs the same colour. 
In Lazio, the situation is the same as that in Umbria.
Thanks to agreements between the regions involved, the idea is to achieve complete integration of both horizontal and vertical road signs. 
The road signs are placed in a way that will allow you to travel along the St Francis' Way in both directions, from North to South and in the opposite direction. 

Signs... but how many signs are there?

There are various routes leading to Assisi and therefore different roads and signals to reach the same destination exist.  Once you have chosen a route and its sign, our advice is to always follow road signs of that same type.
These are the signs to follow when travelling along the St Francis' Way: 

Vertical road signs

Vertical road signs along the St Francis' Way consist of vertical metallic signs that have a blue band of colour and a yellow band of colour which is the road sign of recognition. The yellow Tau, the Franciscan symbol for par excellence, is also reported.
On every signpost, there is an arrow indicating the direction. 

Horizontal road signs

Along the paths of the hillside and valley floor, and also in the urban centres, there are also horizontal signs, consisting of two small bands of yellow and blue paint and a yellow tau. 
There are more of these signs near junctions and changes in direction. 
Everything is being done to ensure that pilgrims can abandon themselves to their journey, but because the trail is alive, meaning that it changes and evolves based on the seasons, it may sometimes occur that a sign gets covered by a plant or by ivy. 
Just look for the next sign, usually positioned about 200 metres from the previous one, in order to dispel any doubts.
Signs on the road. Pilgrimage of Francis of Assisi

There are different forms of hospitality available to those who are walking

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