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The Via di Francesco - Southern Way from Roma to Assisi

Stage 3A - Alternative route through Farfa

From Acquaviva di Nerola to Ponticelli di Scandriglia passing by the abbey of Farfa.

The long alternative allows you to discover and stop off at the splendid Benedictine abbey of Farfa.
Acquaviva di Nerola
Ponticelli di Scandriglia
26,265 Km
Increase in altitude
+ 1.100
Loss of altitude
- 820
gravel road path-tarmac
Road Sign
yes (vertical and horizontal yellow-blue signs)
Travel time
9 hours
Water sources
Resting areas
Degree of difficulty
The km reported refer to the route from Acquaviva di Nerola to Ponticelli di Scandriglia. Despite the fact that it lengthens the journey, this alternative allows you to visit the abbey of Farfa, one of the most important Benedictine monasteries in Italy. The journey leading from Monterotondo to Acquaviva di Nerola coincides with the main itinerary of the Monterotondo-Ponticelli di Scandriglia leg.
From Acquaviva, a district of Nerola, you should be careful at the junction directing you to the abbey of Farfa. A progressive uphill climb leads to the outskirts of Fara in Sabina. The journey continues downhill until you reach the abbey of Farfa (18.8 km from Acquaviva di Nerola) and it is advisable to make stop around here. A visit to this splendid abbey is recommended. This alternative route continues, touching on the locality of Toffia.
Once you reach the junction that directs you to Ponticelli, you can decide whether to go back towards the South and stop off at Ponticelli (21.2 km from the abbey of Farfa) or continue on, until you reach Poggio Moiano (23 km from the abbey of Farfa).  
What you should know before departure
There are water fountains in the residential areas. Remember to fill your water bottle with at least 1.5 litres of water in the summer.
Intermediate stages  
There are resting areas where you can stop and take a regenerative break or find accommodation and shorten this leg of the journey.
The alternative route is an opportunity to visit and discover the abbey of Farfa. We recommend that you take the maps of the route with you. Simplified maps can be downloaded by clicking on the online map.
Information (e.g. how to get there using public transport)
Territorial Tourist Office of Rieti.
Address: Via Cintia, 87, 02100 Rieti
Phone: 0746 264106/8/0
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Site: www.camminodifrancesco.it
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Southern Way - Walking

m southern way from monterotondo to ponticelli di scandriglia

Stage 3

From Monterotondo to Ponticelli di Scandriglia

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m the path of south deviation for Farfa

Stage 3A

Alternative route through Farfa

m In path track of francesco pilgrimage

Stage 4

From Ponticelli di Scandriglia to Poggio San Lorenzo

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