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The Via di Francesco - Northern Way from La Verna to Assisi

Stage 2 - from Citerna to Pietralunga

The second leg along the St Francis' Way is from Citerna to Pietralunga, via Pieve de’ Saddi and Città di Castello.

The first fully Umbrian leg of the route goes from the town of Citerna and, passing through the centre of Città di Castello after riding along the banks of the Tiber, ends at Pietralunga. It’s a relatively difficult ride so you’ll need to pace yourself and preserve your energy
46,3 Km
Height differences
900 metri
tarmac - dirt road
Road Sign
Recommended Bike
hybrid, gravel, ebike
Water sources
yes (Citerna, Città di Castello, Pietralunga)
Degree of difficulty
The day’s 46.3 km route starts at Citerna and, via the lovely historical centre of Città di Castello, takes you to Pietralunga. The length and climb of almost 1,000 metres makes it one of the hardest you’ll face along the entire St Francis' Way. The toughest part is the ascent to Pieve de’ Saddi, with an early gradient in excess of 10% in some places. Unless you are especially athletic, pace yourself and make good use of your gears. In return you will enjoy magnificent views over the landscapes below once you get to the top. The first part of the route, after having left Citerna behind, is easy and for much of the way follows a cycling path along the Tiber River that leads to the centre of Città di Castello.
Take a break here and tour the historical centre, rest up and prepare yourself to face the hardest part of the trip. Once outside Città di Castello and past the Convento degli Zoccolanti the roads turns towards Pieve de’ Saddi, featuring some 7 km of ascent, the gradient of which sometimes exceeds 10%. You’ll need all the strength your legs can give you, especially if you are laden with equipment and baggage. Once you reach the top there is an uneven dirt road for 6 km that leads to the town of Pieve de’ Saddi, where, to reward you for the tremendous effort, you will be regaled with breathtaking panoramic views.
After the dirt road there is another climb of about 600 metres before you can ease into a long downhill stretch that leads to the feet of Pietralunga. One last ascent (1 km) takes you to destination, the historical centre of town, where you can finally relax and enjoy the end of the second day.  
What you should know before departure
There are sources of water at Citerna, where you will be able to get a supply of water for the leg of the journey and Città di Castello. In the summer, we advise you to travel with two water bottles or a water reservoir.
Intermediate stages
There are a variety of places to stop along the Tiber, but it is still early on. (If you want to break the day’s effort into two legs, or rest for a while, we suggest you overnight at Città di Castello, well worth a visit.)
The stretch along the Tiber is a lovely path and we suggest you enjoy it at a slow pace, as the second part of the route will require all your strength. Città di Castello merits a visit to see the historical centre, to fill up your bottles and to get some food for the journey. The stage is long enough, quindi Don't forget to take a small food supply with you (fruit, dried fruit, chocolate, energy bars, mineral salts if it's very hot).
Information (e.g. how to get there using public transport)
Public Information and Tourist Office Città di Castello
Address: Piazza Matteotti - Logge Bufalini - 06012 Città di Castello
Phone: 0758554922 - Fax 0758552100
Branch Office: Umbertide
Phone and Fax 0759417099
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Northern Way - Cycling stages

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Stage 1

From La Verna to Citerna

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Stage 2

From Citerna to Pietralunga

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Stage 3

From Pietralunga to Gubbio

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