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The Via di Francesco - Northern Way from La Verna to Assisi

Stage 5A - Alternative route - from Valfabbrica to Assisi

A variation of the fifth leg along the Northern Way that leads directly from Valfabbrica to Assisi.

This variation of the Northern Way takes you directly from Valfabbrica to Assisi, without a stopover in Perugia. It is quite short and relatively easy.
Assisi, Basilica di San Francesco
25 Km
Height differences
200 meters
Road Sign
Recommended Bike
hybrid, gravel, ebike
Water sources
yes (Valfabbrica, Pianello, Bastia, Assisi)

Degree of difficulty
This variation on the route was designed for people who want or need to shorten the itinerary by a day and get to Assisi without the stopover in Perugia.
The length of the ride is less than 25 kilometres and, with the exception of a bit of up and down hill, is not especially difficult, until you get to the final ascent to the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi. It’s a great way to enjoy the approach to the city of St Francis, to gaze out over the views and recover from the efforts of the past few days. You’ll leave Valfabbrica and, to begin with, follow the same route as those going to Perugia.
When you get to Pianello turn left towards San Giorgio along a small secondary road without traffic, it goes up and down a bit and leads to Petrignano d’Assisi. From here go towards Palazzo and then Bastia, where you will hook up with the final stretch of the Perugia to Assisi route. These last few kilometres are utterly gorgeous, you will be riding over roads without traffic and with all the medieval grandeur of Assisi rising before you in the distance. When you get to the feet of the city, ride upwards over the bricked via mattonata foot path to get into town without the hassle of traffic.
Ride your bike as far as you can, and then walk alongside it to get to the lower Basilica, the arrival point of the Via di Francesco. You have reached Assisi and you are nice and fit, so you could consider continuing upwards towards to the top of Mount Subasio, to the Eremo delle Carceri hermitage. It’s a gorgeous place, steeped in spirituality, and the ride up offers some stunning views of the valley below. To get there you will have to cover a few kilometres of uphill over gradients that exceed 10%. You really do need to be fit.
What you should know before departure
There are sources of water at Valfabbrica, where you will be able to get a supply of water for the leg of the journey, and Pianello e Bastia, therefore, you should not have any hydration problems. in the summer, we advise you to travel with two water bottles or a water reservoir.
Intermediate stages
The leg of the journey is short and probably does not require intermediate stop-offs, also because, at this point, you will be overwhelmed by the desire to reach Assisi.

The ride is short and without any particular difficulty, so we suggest you enjoy the lovely scenery and the great views of Assisi as you approach it. You will enter town over what is called the via mattonata, a brick foot path where cars are not allowed, a path you’ll be sharing with pedestrians. When you near the Basilica you’ll have to get off your bike and walk the last bit. As always don't forget to take a small food supply with you (fruit, dried fruit, chocolate, energy bars, mineral salts if it's very hot).
Information (e.g. how to get there using public transport)
Public Information and Tourist Office Assisi
Address: Piazza del Comune - 06081 Assisi
Phone: 0758138680 / 0758138681 - Fax 0758138686
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Stage 5

From Valfabbrica to Perugia

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Stage 5A - Alternative route through Assisi

From Valfabbrica to Assisi

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From Perugia to Assisi

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