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Via di Francesco - St Francis' Way - Roman Way from La Verna to Roma

Stage 4 - from Gubbio to Valfabbrica

One of the most arduous stretches of the entire St Francis’ Way is the fourth one, from Gubbio to Valfabbrica

The fourth leg of the Roman Way cycling route is one of the journey’s most arduous ones, with two ascents and a climb of more than 700 metres, but it is also one of the loveliest in terms of landscape. It will take you from Gubbio to Valfabbrica
35,5 Km
Height differences
700 meters
Road Sign
Recommended Bike
hybrid, gravel, ebike
Water sources
yes (Gubbio, Carbonesca, Casa Castalda, Valfabbrica)

Degree of difficulty
The fourth leg of the Roman Way goes from Gubbio to Valfabbrica and is one of the journey’s most difficult stretches because of the ascent to get from the valley of Gubbio to the valleys of the Chiascio River. You have 35 kilometres to cover on your bike today, not all that many, but you have two difficult climbs for a total ascent of about 700 metres. To compensate for the hardship, the route is mostly over roads without traffic, surrounded by nature and now and again passing through small characteristic towns like Colpalombo, Carbonesca and Casa Castalda. You start out from Piazza Quaranta Martiri in Gubbio and pass the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria. The first stretch is pretty easy, the difficult parts are halfway through the day’s cycling.
After some 13 kilometres you’ll have a climb that is short (less than 2 km) but steep (gradient between 7 and 10%). At the end of the descent that follows it you’ll start the second of the day’s hard climbs, one that leads to Carbonesca. Take the first kilometres of this second climb slowly, seeing as your legs may be hard from the first ascent. Once you’ve gotten past the first hard stretch the gradient eases and you’ll be able to enjoy the views that surround you, a panorama that spans the Umbria-Marches part of the Apennines. A few kilometres beyond the pass you’ll reach Casa Castalda, a great place to stop and rest, fill your water bottles and eat something before you head off once again, this time almost all downhill. Getting to the charming little town of Valfabbrica, your day’s destination, is easy from here.
What you should know before departure
There are sources of water at Gubbio, where you will be able to get a supply of water for the leg of the journey Carbonesca, Casa Castalda e Valfabbrica. Considering the altitude difficulties in the summer, we advise you to travel with two water bottles or a water reservoir.
Intermediate stages
You can guess you take stops at Carbonesca, at the top of the second climb of the stage, or at Casa Castalda, the most important village that you encounter along the way. From here there are only 9 km to Valfabbrica, almost all downhill.
You can take a rest either at Carbonesca, at the top of the second climb, or at Cassa Castalda, the largest town you’ll come across along this route. It is only 9 km from Casa Castalda to Valfabbrica, and almost all downhill. The route is a tough one, but the difficult parts are at the halfway point. So take it easy and warm your legs properly. The first climb is short and steep, take it with a regular and constant pace so that you don’t tire yourself too much before you have to face the second climb, which follows soon after. At the top of the second climb you‘ll have cycled for 26 kilometres and from here you can reach your destination without further difficulty, it’s almost all downhill. As always don't forget to take a small food supply with you (fruit, dried fruit, chocolate, energy bars, mineral salts if it's very hot).
Information (e.g. how to get there using public transport)
Public Information and Tourist Office Gubbio
Address: Via della Repubblica, 15 - 06024 Gubbio
Phone: 0759220693 - Fax 0759273409
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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