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Via di Francesco - St Francis' Way - Roman Way from La Verna to Roma

Stage 10 - from Scheggino to Piediluco

The last Umbrian leg of the Roman Way goes from Scheggino to Piediluco Lake along the Valnerina.

The last leg of the Umbrian part of Roman Way runs for many kilometres along the Nera river. After the Forca d’Arrone pass you will head towards the lovely Piediluco Lake, from where you will continue to Rieti and then Rome.
32 Km
Height differences
400 meters
asfalto e sterrato
Road Sign
Recommended Bike
hyrid, gravel, ebike
Water sources
yes (Scheggino, Ferentillo, Arrone, Piediluco)

Degree of difficulty
This is the last leg in Umbria of the Roman Way route and will take you from Scheggino to Piediluco, where Francis stayed in 1208. A church that is home to frescoes depicting Franciscan Saints and to a wooden cross from the 1300s was built there in 1338 to commemorate his sojourn.
Today’s route is not a long one and much of it runs along the banks of the Nera river. The only hard part is the 6 kilometre ascent to the Forca d’Arrone pass. It does require some effort, but once overcome it’s all downhill to Piediluco Lake.
The first part of the route is along the Nera Greenway, a dirt trail that goes along the banks of the River, a path also used by those walking the route. It is a series of ups and downs so it’s a real lesson in the proper use of gears if you want to spare your legs any extra strain. Halfway or so along the route stop in to admire the little town of Ferentillo, an medieval outpost cut through by the river where, for another type of thrill, you can go to the mummy museum.
The town of Arrone, which is located a few kilometres further on, is where you will leave the Nera behind and begin the ascent to the Forca d’Arrone, the only real strenuous part of this route. Stop when you get to the top and enjoy the tremendous views of Piediluco Lake in the distance, it really is worthwhile.
Now all you have to do is go downhill to get to the town of Piediluco, the last town in Umbria you’ll visit along the Roman Way route. From here you can continue further south, crossing the Holy Valley, passing Greccio and Rieti and then heading to the Eternal City of Rome.
What you should know before departure
There are sources of water at Scheggino, where you will be able to get a supply of water for the leg of the journey, Ferentillo and Arrone. in the summer, we advise you to travel with two water bottles or a water reservoir.
Intermediate stages
This is another relatively short leg and you can most likely travel over it without stopping. Still, and especially if the efforts of the past few days echo in your muscles, you might want to take a break at Arrone, a village typical of the Valnerina, to recuperate and rest before heading over the Forca d’Arrone pass.
The hardest part of the route today is the ascent to Forca d’Arrone, although the climb is not steep. Don’t overdo it during the early part of the day, which has some ups and downs, use your gears well to get over the climbs and save your leg muscles for the real ascent to the Forca d’Arrone pass. Don't forget to take a small food supply with you (fruit, dried fruit, chocolate, energy bars, mineral salts if it's very hot).
Information (e.g. how to get there using public transport)
Public Information and Tourist Office Terni
Address: Via Cassian Bon, 4 - 05100 Terni
Phone: 0744423047 - Fax 0744427259
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Stage 9

From Monteluco to Scheggino

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Stage 10

From Scheggino to Piediluco

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Stage 10A - Alternative route

From Scheggino to Stroncone

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