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Via di Francesco - St Francis' Way - Roman Way from La Verna to Roma

Stage 11 - from Piediluco to Rieti

This strenuous leg of the Roman Way leads from Piediluco to Rieti, out of Umbria and into Lazio.

The eleventh leg of the Roman Way leaves Umbria and enters Lazio via a lovely bit arduous route which, once out of Piediluco, touches on Labro, Morro Reatino, Poggio Bustone and Cantalice before getting to Rieti
44,7 Km
Height differences
900 meters
Road Sign
Recommended Bike
hyrid, gravel, ebike
Water sources
yes (Piediluco, Labro, Morro Reatino, Poggio Bustone, Cantalice, Rieti)

Degree of difficulty
This leg takes you out of Umbria and into Lazio, leaving from Piediluco and arriving in Rieti, in the Holy Valley, another Franciscan place steeped in meaning.
The route goes through the truly gorgeous nature of the Apennine mountains around Rieti, but this beauty is also what makes the going hard all along the route, with a total of the four climbs adding up to some 900 metres.
Once you leave Piediluco Lake you have a few kilometres of basically flat road over which to warm up your legs before the first climb, which is also the longest of the four, and once past Labro you will come across the charming little town of Morro Reatino.
From here head to Poggio Bustone where, if you are tired or the many climbs prove to be more than you can comfortably handle, you could consider stopping there for the day and take off again the following morning.
At the end of the nice downhill stretch from Poggio Bustone you will get a hard climb that takes you to Cantalice, another lovely town perched in the Reatine mountains, at an altitude of 660 metres above sea level. From here you go down to Vazia and face the last ascent of the day to finally reach Castelfranco.
Once conquered, the day’s difficulties are done with and you can enjoy a nice descent to Rieti, but do beware of the sometimes heavy traffic, especially as you near the city.
What you should know before departure
Water fountains can be found in the towns, so a Piediluco, Labro, Morro Reatino, Poggio Bustone, Cantalice. Although you are up in the mountains, it can still get very warm here in summer we advise you to travel with two water bottles or a water reservoir.
Intermediate stages
This leg of the journey is one of the hardest both in terms of cumulative ascent and mileage covered. If you think it might be too much for you or if you feel especially tired during the ride, then perhaps an overnight at Poggio Bustone is the solution.
It’s a lovely route but it’s also very arduous going, above all because of the cumulative 900 metre climb. Cycle more slowly than you might otherwise do to save energy for the last part of the day. Dress in layers so that you don’t sweat too much going uphill nor chill in the wind going downhill. Don't forget to take a small food supply with you (fruit, dried fruit, chocolate, energy bars, mineral salts if it's very hot).
Information (e.g. how to get there using public transport)
Public Information and Tourist Office Terni
Address: Via Cassian Bon, 4 - 05100 Terni
Phone: 0744423047 - Fax 0744427259
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Stage 11

From Piediluco to Rieti

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From Rieti to Ponticelli

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